ADLIPS Productions – Up north with the VOLVO V60 CC

Together with ADLIPS Productions, we’ve roadtripped through the north of Sweden towards the Stora Sjöfallet Nationalpark next to the polar circle to shoot that brilliant landscape with the VOLVO V60 CC.

Photos by Eugen Giminger

client. ADLIPS Productions for VOLVO
agency. Publicis Pixelpark
production. ADLIPS Production
producer. Eugen Giminger
producer. Tim Magduschewski

directing photographer. Daniel Hacker
director. Dirk Rosenlöcher
camera assistant. Marcel Burgmann – fps films
runner. Christian Rosenbrock

edit & grading. Daniel Hacker
sounddesign. Martin Spyra – fps films
music & mixing sound engineer. Armin Höhn

talent. Carlos Ferndandez Laser

support. Didrikson, Garmin, Goalzero and Novasol

locations. Swedish Westcoast, Norway and the Polarcicle

special thanks to. Mirjam Mahlberg, Katharina Sophie Staiger, Ramona Jahn, Jan Henning, Simone Weber